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We are proud to be a part of the Music Man® Legacy. We have worked closely with Sterling Ball and Dudley Gimpel to match the highest standards and quality of Music Man® Instruments in an affordable package.

The SBMM line offers superior playability and our D-Series offer the exact same pickups offered only on the Music Man® original. Our Instruments are careful inspected and set up in Orange, California. We welcome you to the Sterling by Music Man Family.

We Feature Genuine Custom DiMarzio’s On Our AX Series

NEW FOR 2015

Featured Instruments


New for 2015 The JP100D-MKOA, Mahogany Body with Beautiful Koa Top


New for 2015 The JP170D-RRB, Ruby Red Burst Seven String


New for 2015 The S.U.B. RAY4-MG/M, Mint Green with Maple Neck


New for 2015 The JP70-PRB, Pearl Red Burst


New for 2015 The Ray34-RRB, Ruby Red Burst


New for 2015 The Ray34-PWH, Pearl White


New for 2015 The Ray34-PBB, Pacific Blue Burst


New for 2015 The Ray35-RRB, Ruby Red Burst


New for 2015 The S.U.B. AX4-TBL, Translucent Blue


New for 2015 The S.U.B. Ray5-TBLS, Translucent Blue Satin

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